Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Know You Are in Love

You miss some one a lot

You miss him / her when you are in family picnics, parties, family occasion etc., you feel vacant and restless in absence of him / her. You just want to be in front of him / her. When you are alone you start to think about him / her. When he / she is not along with, you desire to make a call.

You think about someone before go to sleep

When you go to sleep, you begin to think about him / her. You make future plan along with him / her and you feel relax and pleasure from your inner heart. Your sleep will not come without thinking him / her.

You hesitate to call someone but you love to

You scare a little that how he / she and his / her family will react when you call but you love to talk with him / her. You never want to end up the conversation between. You create some cause to call him / her.

Your heart beat grows up before talking

When you are trying to call (Dialing number, ringing telephone) or he / she calls you your heart beat grows up and you feel excitement. You wouldn’t be relaxed until he / she talks (says hello). You will forget everything while you are talking.

Kind of glow flashes out on your eyes and face

You are totally pleased after talk with him / her. You feel like winning a war after talking and your days go perfectly or you can sleep well and tight after. You feel totally relaxed and happy after you end up the call and a kind of glow and happiness will seem on your eyes and face.

You want to be better looking and dashing
When you are going to meet him / her you take bath again, wear matching dress, use more perfumes and make up. You look at mirror again and again. You wish to be impressed him / her through your looks.

You talk mostly about someone with your friends and family

When you are with your family or friend you mostly talk about him / her. You want to show how much he / she is good and takes care for you. You only talk about his / her positive attitudes, you never indicate any negative attitudes if he / she has. You will try to make space and create good vision of him / her between your families.

You unknowingly look after someone

When you both are together your eyes continuously contact to him / her but when your eyes contact with each other you quickly put away. You feel him / her each and every organs beautiful.

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