Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before Dating

Before Dating
Dating, it plays vital role in love life. It helps to increase your love. It will make your each and every moments memorable and amusement with your beloved one. In this way dating is very important in love life but first dating is most important that others. You will remember it on you whole life. So you have to care about such points to make your first dating most memorable with your beloved one.

  • Always keep sweet smile on your face. Try to leave all your trouble behind you. You just be with fresh and cool mood.
  • You have habit to talk more then control yourself. Just talk few and necessary only.
  • Try to know about your partner’s choice and interest. Get started to talk with your partner’s choice. Do not enter directly to future plan.
  • If you are lady, just do light make up. Do not wear too short wear.
  • Do not choose public place or solitary jungle as dating spot.
  • You let your ladies partner to choose dating spot and food item.
  • Never try to touch or kiss on sensitive organ. It may end your relation.
  • You can kiss slightly on your partners hand at the end of meeting.
  • If you are going by motorbike, then let it be checked by mechanic first and make tank full of fuel.
  • Be conscious about your pocket money too.

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