Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Someone Loves You

Someone Loves You  

You meet lots of personal in your daily life and become friends. They would be your class mate, co-worker, colleague, neighbor, childhood pal etc. Among them some would be just hi / hello friend, best friend and someone special too. Usually between ladies and gents friend it may happens. Even you don’t think like something special between you both but your partner might be thinking like that, without your knowledge he / she might loves you but couldn’t express. It could create a problem in future. It is ok if you don’t have any objection but if you do or you love someone else then it may hamper you both’ further life. So better you prevent it than care in future. If you notice it earlier, you can handle it by some other way. Here follows some clues to find out if someone loves you.

  1. Someone gives you lots of priority:
    • He / she treats you better than him / herself and his / her family.
    • He / she tries to show that how much are you important for him / her.
    • He / she never refuse whatever you say.
  2. Someone cares you a lot:
    • If you are hungry or thirsty, He / she immediately gets food or water for you and always gets what you wish.
    • He / she tries to solve your every problems.He / she tries to hide your mistakes and be responsible himself / herself for it.
    • He / she never let you go alone and never let you more walk and work
  3. Your decision would be a final decision:
    • He / she asks you to decide everything and he / she waits for your opinion before select.
    • He / she does not argue with you regarding your decision.
    • He / she goes with your selection even he / she doesn't like it.
  4. Someone calls you regularly:
    • He / she calls you twice or thrice a day even he / she has gone out of city or out of country.
    • If he / she realize that he / she is calling a lot then also he / she will not stop calling but he / she will builds some little cause. (For eg. "Turn on the television, now it's showing a comedy serial", "Is there any rainfall around your area?" etc.)
  5. Someone tries to develop relation with your family and close friends:
    • He / she respects your family as well as your friends and always send regards to them while he / she calls you.
    • He / she tries to create good vision about him/ herself among your family.
    • He / she tries to communicate with your family members basically whom you are close with.
    • He / she shows how much he / she cares for you.
  6. Someone doesn’t let you be closed with other friends:
    • He / she become angry or upset if you are talking with another friend.
    • He / she wants to be given more priority to him / her than other.
    • He / she aware you from the close friend with opposite sex.
  7. Always asks a question that who is your best or close friend:
    • He / she wants to know that who is your best and close friend.
    • He / she also wants to know whom you want more and who loves and care you a lot.
    • He / she always asks you about their value and status on your life.
  8. Someone tries to gift you without any occasion:
    • He / she never forget to get something to you if he / she go for shopping or go outside valley.
    • Basically he / she gifts you that you don’t have but you need.
    • He / she gifts you too expensive like ornaments, wrist watch and wearing.
  9. Someone notice your minor activities too:
    • He / she keeps on mind your activities like your happiness, tiredness, sadness, excitement etc. even a minor behavior like body language, winking, handwriting, walking too.
    • He / she notices what type of music, color, movie, foods do you like.
    • He / she absorbs himself / herself as per your wish as his / her dressing, talking, hairstyle etc.
  10. Someone wants to talk you in alone either on phone or face to face:
    • He / she wants to talk with you alone. If someone else interrupt between you both, he / she gets angry.
    • He / she doesn’t cares about other person if you are in front of him / her and he / she talks only few with other.
    • He / she mostly calls you on night after other family members sleep and requests you to go far from other while talking.
    • He / she doesn’t talks long if your family members are with you.
    • He / she wants to seat close to you and tries to touch you.

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